AX Transportation and Ahern Rentals Tour Peterbilt Factory

A team from AX Transportation and Ahern Rentals toured the Peterbilt facility in Denton, Texas to review day cabs and sleeper cabs during production.

AX Transportation partners with Rush Truck Centers, who are authorized dealers of the Peterbilt brand, for their truck, trailer and tractor manufacturing needs. Due to increased business activity, AX Transportation is investing in a new truck each month for its fleet, in order to move away from outsourcing truck loads. This will ensure a more efficient and streamlined delivery process, as well as being more cost effective and efficient for all companies involved.

This year Rush Truck Centers will produce ten 567 sleeper tractors for AX Transportation, seventy 337 Model 18’s for Ahern Rentals and Xtreme Manufacturing, and fifty 567 daycabs for Ahern Rentals.

Attending the Peterbilt factory tour was Chris Nigro, General Manager for AX Transportation, Robert Hawkins, Fleet Manager for Ahern Rentals and Carlos Burton, Branch Manager of Ahern Rentals Irving, Texas. Peterbilt has the ability to produce 160 semi-tractors at various sizes and types every day, and the team toured the production lines.

Following the tour, Chris Nigro said, “Experiencing the high volume and advanced technological manufacturing capabilities at the Peterbuilt facility was both entertaining and educational for the team. During the visit, the Peterbilt team certified that all specifications put together by Robert Hawkins, for both the Ahern Rentals and AX Transportation fleet ordered were correct and will ensure an increase in operational efficiencies and reduced risk to employees.”

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