About Us


Launched in 2016, AX Transportation is part of the Ahern Family of Companies, which also includes Ahern Rentals, Xtreme Manufacturing and Snorkel. A dedicated transportation company, AX Transportation operates a large fleet of trucks and trailers across the U.S., handling both regional and long distance deliveries.

AX Transportation specializes in the haulage of construction and rental equipment, and all drivers are fully trained on the complexities of handling such loads. Following significant investment, AX Transportation can boast some of the latest delivery truck technology available.

Set up initially to support the transportation needs of businesses within the Ahern Family of Companies, AX Transportation has expanded and can now offer transportation and logistics services to customers across all 48 states in the continental U.S. Load availability updates are available via e-mail – sign up here.

Focused on delivering the highest levels of customer service, AX Transportation employs a skilled team of friendly dispatchers in their headquarters in Henderson, Nevada, who work closely with their team of drivers ensuring all loads arrive safely at their destination on time, and in budget.

Get on the road to success with AX Transportation – request a freight quote now.